Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Freaking Halloween!

My favorite holiday will be passing me by with quiet reflection this year. It hasn't really felt much like Halloween to me probably because I haven't properly celebrated this frightfully fun holiday in a few years. However, I can celebrate through all you bloggers and our connection through horror films!

Cuddle up with some apple cider, eat a caramel-wrapped apple treat, and enjoy a good film tonight. But remember to respect the traditions of this sacred holiday or you know what will happen... little Sam will come after you!



  1. Happy Halloween, Michele! If ya ain't feelin' it this year, no big deal. You have all year for horror, anyway. :)

  2. Happy Halloween, Michele! Have a spooky night, but before that, come to my blog and check out my list of BEST TO WORSE FOUND FOOTAGE HORROR MOVIES. I think you may enjoy it. :)

  3. Care to venture to a sleepy town for Halloween? And blend in with all the ghouls?
    Dare to keep the lantern lit and obey the Halloween rules?
    Twas the night of the old, where the lines blur
    between the living and the dead and the impossible occur
    The 31st of Fall had awaken thee
    Old little Sam out for a spree
    of mischief at night and death in between
    of nightmares better left unseen...

    Have a Happy Halloween, mate!