Thursday, May 7, 2015

Texas Frightmare Weekend 2015: Day Three

Boo, Sunday! The most depressing and sad day of the convention, obviously because it is the last. I still managed to have a good time, though, because I still had four people to meet and a ton of swag to buy. I figured I better pick out my swag first so I could get what I wanted so I headed straight for my favorite vendor tables!
Actually I did pick up one t-shirt the day before, and it was a good thing I did because it seemed like it sold out really fast. I really wanted to find a good Child's Play shirt this year and this is what I got:
Also at Pallbearer Press, I got this sweet Hellraiser shirt that I've been wanting all year, and a really cool Bride of Frankenstein/Frankensten one.

For all my fellow females out there, I also picked out an awesome skull rhinestone studded purse, a Scream bracelet, an Alfred Hitchcock necklace, Frankenstein's monster earrings, and a skull leather wristband (the other one came in my VIP bag).

I also love buttons.
And great DVD deals.
Victoria Price was back again on Sunday, so I decided to embarrass myself a little bit and tell her how her presentation about her father the day before made me cry some happy tears. I'm not sure how that came off to her, but she was still a lovely lady and really seemed to appreciate all the kind words everyone had for her about her father. She had these great pictures of him that she was signing so I snagged one.
I kept forgetting to get Skeet Ulrich on Saturday, but I definitely couldn't forget today! He was very nice and chatty, and talked about how much fun he was having at Frightmare when I asked him (because this was his first con). I told him he needs to come back obvs because Frightmare is the best! Sweet guy, gave me a nice hug. A lot taller than I thought he was! Oh, how I love Scream! This was so cool for me, you have no idea.
Next up was a Q&A panel with Kim Coates. I wanted to hear some cool stories from Sons of Anarchy, but he actually mostly talked about his other movies - that I stupidly did not even realize he was in. He had great things to say about his experiences on Waterworld and Battlefield Earth, and also Black Hawk Down and Pearl Harbor. Crap, now I have to go back and watch all of those movies for him! Kim was such a great talker, very funny, and kept us all entertained and intrigued through the whole panel. Loved this!


If I can figure out how to upload the videos I took with my phone during this panel, I'll add them on later.
Only two autographs left on my list. Another guest at the con who was never without a line all weekend was the awesome and amazing Sid Haig. He was so wonderful to his fans, hanging around as long as he needed to make sure that he got through everyone in his line. I even heard later that he stayed after hours on Sunday to give free autographs and pictures to the TFW volunteers. Classy dude, definitely. I told Sid how bummed I was that I missed the Spiderbaby screening that they had Thursday night, and just gave him overall praise for being a cool dude. I asked him what his favorite movie of his was, and he said that he doesn't really have a favorite, that they are all his "babies." Great quote and great guy! Tutti fuckin' frutti.

My last meet was with Cassandra Peterson, better known as Elvira, but she wasn't at her table at this time. And since she was right across from where AJ Bowen was signing at the Fangoria table, I thought Hey! Why don't I go talk to AJ again while I'm waiting? AJ has worked with Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard on A Horrible Way to Die and You're Next, and both of those films were shot in Simon's hometown of Columbia, Missouri, which is about 30 minutes from where I was born and raised and still live. We talked about COMO and the house from You're Next, and then I asked for another picture which he was cool with. Then because I was being a shameless fangirl the whole weekend, I asked if I could give him a kiss on the cheek.
Seriously, though, I don't just have a schoolgirl crush on him. He's really my favorite actor right now because I'm just so impressed and awed by how natural and real he is in all of his roles. He never looks like he's acting, but the choices he's made have created some really great characters, especially Garrick Turrell from A Horrible Way to Die.
I'm a little perturbed that both of these pictures are blurry, but whatevs. He also has on the same "Stephen King Rules" shirt that I have, so more cool points to him.

Elvira time! She was only going to be at her table until a certain time today, so our meeting was little rushed so she could get to everybody in her line, but I still got a great picture of her signed and a great picture with her! I asked her how long it takes to get ready as Elvira - almost two hours! - and what all that hair feels like - hot! Very cool last meeting for the con!
After this, I was pretty well done with the con. The day was winding down, guests had to catch flights back home and vendors were packing up. To end my epic Frightmare posts, here are some great cosplays that I got pictures of!
Dream Warriors, man! Probably the most creative cosplay of the weekend.

This guy had such a freaky resemblance to Ryan Hurst as Opie on Sons of Anarchy.

Viddy well, droogs!

A female Chucky! Love it.

This Sam even had the sucker!

Yes! Blade and Six Shooter!!!

Okay, really loved this Frank from Hellraiser. Great idea!

American Mary, nice!

Of course these guys were back!

No way! Great Beetlejuice costumes!

This kid was awesome.

KISS rocks!

What a cute little Gizmo.

Otis and Baby! She's even got the pose down.

I sent this picture to a friend who is a big Manson fan and she thought it was really him at first. Another cosplayer with a freaky resemblance to their character!
Well, that's all she wrote, folks. Another fantastic weekend that gave me so many great memories and made so many of my dreams come true! Can I really wait a whole 'nother year to do this all again? Thank you once again to Texas Frightmare Weekend, Loyd Cryer, and all of the guests, vendors, volunteers, and my fellow attendees! I can't talk enough about how much I love this show and how much I look forward to it every year. Each trip has been significantly different from the previous shows, but it has always been the most wonderful time with the most wonderful people.
Congratulations, Frightmare, on TEN YEARS of being the best horror convention around! See you next year!
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  1. I'm sooo envious that you were able to go! It looks like you had a great time! I can see how happy you are with AJ Bowen! :)

    1. AJ definitely made me happy, he was so awesome. Everyone was awesome - it was such an amazing time!!

  2. A fantastic series about another incredible weekend for you! Thrilled to read about your experiences! I'm counting down the days until my next show - and now I'm counting down for yours too!

    1. Thanks Craig, glad you enjoyed! Another year of waiting!!! I hope I survive it. When is your next show? Is it Monster Mania or something like that?

    2. Mad Monster Party in Charlotte NC - March 2016. I also forgot to mention I got the exact same Bride of Frankenstein shirt at MMP this year!

    3. You've got about as long to wait as I do. It sucks!
      I love my new shirt.

  3. Looks like a ton of fun! I have Flashback Weekend here in Illinois that I'm looking forward to this year. They have this huge Halloween guest list. I really dig that bride of Frankenstein T-Shirt that is so cool. I must say tho Sid Haig is looking a little rough. I know he is older now but wow! Thanks for sharing stop by my blog in August I know I will post about FBW.

    1. I've heard that Flashback Weekend is a good show, I might have to check that one out sometime. Hope you have an awesome time!!

      Hey, Sid was a badass! This was the last day and he was so busy all weekend, I would be surprised if he wasn't looking a little rough by the end!

  4. Sooooo jealous of you! So many stars, so many great pics - awesomeness to the max! Next time, you have to take a video camera with you in order to shoot a sequel to the "Fantasm" documentary :)

    1. I thought doing some videoing this year but I ended up being WAY too busy so it would have been very difficult! Maybe next year!

  5. wait a second...Night of The Living Dead 3D...
    *hands you a bottle of gasoline* put it to good use...