Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween for Halloween

They may be a day early, but a local theater was kind enough to provide me (and its other patrons, but mostly me, I think) with a truly sweet treat this Halloween - a chance to see John Carpenter's classic film about the holiday on the big screen!

Ah, what an amazing experience! Seeing a film in a theater - even a film you've already seen a dozen times over - is really something totally different, especially with Halloween. The opening credits was probably my favorite part, because that pumpkin that gets closer and closer to the camera has never looked more awesome. Definitely meant to be seen on the big screen.
(Yes, I took sneaky pictures of the screen.)
There were times when the score was playing that I closed my eyes and just concentrated on the music for a few seconds. And I absolutely loved seeing my favorite sequences played larger than life before me.
 Like this one...

And this one...
 And Donald Pleasance rules as always.

I'm so glad I found out about this. Apparently this theater does "Retro Night" on Thursdays and I never knew about it - a horror girl needs to be told these things. Anyway, all I'm trying to say is that celebrating Halloween by watching Halloween in the theater is such a very cool thing to do. And this Halloween will only get better with theater experiences because I'm also going to catch the re-release of the first Saw film either tomorrow or Saturday night. SO. FREAKING. AWESOME.


  1. the score, theme, donald pleasance and shatner mask make this THE best halloween movie ever!

  2. Halloween will forever be my favorite holiday. And John Carpenter's Halloween is an ultimate classic. I have always loved horror films, my dad introduced them to me at a young age, like 4. When I was 16 my theater had done the same thing one weekend for the holiday and my dad took me to see Halloween on the big screen, it was something else! One of my best memories. I'm due with my son just 2 days after'd be a great if he comes then. We'll see.

    1. My sister was due with her second child in October and I tried to tell her to hold it in until the 31st, but it didn't work and he was born on the 15th :). But yes, that would be cool! There's really nothing like Halloween (the holiday), even if you're not a horror film fan. It's magic and fun. Halloween the movie on the big screen was definitely a great experience, even if I've already seen it dozens of times.