Thursday, January 22, 2015

Short and Sweet: "Strange Thing" (2015)

I always try to appreciate and commend good work when I see it, which is why I have to show and tell you all about this wonderful sci-fi/horror short. "Strange Thing" by filmmaker Alrik Bursell is the story of married couple Jake and Kris who one day discover that a door has mysteriously appeared in their living room. What's behind the door and where does it lead? Watch the short below to find out!

"Strange Thing" is most impressive because of its fantastic effects work, which apparently involved 20 gallons of black ooze, according to Bursell. It's kind of gross, kind of creepy, and very mysterious - the perfect short. It gives just enough of the story to give you quick satisfaction, but leaves so much more room to grow. Nice work!

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