Sunday, April 20, 2014

Short and Sweet: "Torturous"

So the Sony network or server or something is and has been down for the past week... so then my Netflix is down... so then is my blog and all the reviews I had planned. BUT! I shall not give up, and I do have a few things to fill the lack of usual posts.

Like this fantastic short film that was sent to me from creator Angus Swantee - "Torturous"!

Unbelievably genius, undeniably funny - That is the short film "Torturous" in a nutshell. "Torturous" has played at just about every festival imaginable it seems and there is no reason to question why - it has a simple premise and fools you into thinking that you know what you are going to see, but you really don't. Perfect comedic timing by the actors and a professional look give this short film all the credibility it needs to get you to watch it in the first place, and then after the first minute you'll be falling in love with it. The ending is amazing and will have you laughing your ass off, I can almost guarantee it. Watch it now!

Torturous from Angus Swantee on Vimeo.

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