Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Short and Sweet: "The Call"

What a stunning piece of work! Please, do yourselves a favor and check out today's spotlighted short film, "The Call" by filmmaker Stephen Sprinkles. According to him, "What I’ve hoped to create is a haunting visual poem that evokes the dichotomy between the horror in the coming of the H.P. Lovecraft monster Cthulhu as well as the beauty that can be found in the same scene."

Well, all I have to say is that Sprinkles more than succeeded at this task. It's a short piece at less than two minutes in length, but "The Call" is a wonderful visual effects feat that would probably make a lot of other filmmakers jealous. The featured actress is beautifully photogenic. The setting that she is in is detailed and expansive and the final money shot will put a real smile on your face. The music fits in beautifully, as well.

For some reason, YouTube embed codes are not working for me at all so I'll just have to post the link - please watch this one, it is AWESOME. The filmmaker also includes on his channel a 20-minute visual effects tutorial for this short film.


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