Friday, July 23, 2010

Yea! Somebody likes me!

A million thank yous to Porkhead's Horror Review Hole for awarding my site as a Versatile Blog. I love reading Joel's reviews, always insightful and wickedly funny. I think he has my same kind of snarky and sarcastic attitude, which I love. Too bad he lives in England ; ).

So there are some things I have to do to properly accept my award:
1) Thank the blogger who gave you the award (Thanks again, Joel! Is it cool to call you Joel?)
2) Share 7 things about yourself
3) Give the award to 15 other bloggers who you believe deserve it
4) Contact the blogs you picked and tell them about the award

Alrighty, so I have to reveal seven things about myself.
1) I am a yellow belt in taekwondo. It's only the third level and I'm not currently in training, but I hope to go back soon.
2) I have a cat named Lucifer.
3) Here's my Alfred Hitchcock tattoo:

4) My ultimate vacation fantasy is a tour of the best roller coasters in the country.
5) I don't care if she's a felon, I love Lindsey Lohan and I love her movies (except I Know Who Killed Me).
6) My dream is to have my own movie theatre and library in my house.
7) Chocolate makes me insanely thirsty.

I definitely plan to make more time to read lots of other blogs but here are some that I loved as soon as I saw them:
Behind The Couch
Black Hole Reviews
Fear of Fiction
From Midnight, With Love
Day of the Woman
The Korova Theatre
Maynard Morrissey's Horror Movie Diary
The Spooky Vegan
Unflinching Eye
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This girl digs horror
80s Horror Movies
Little Miss Zombie
The Horror Digest
My Undead Brain

Keep up the bloody good work, horror bloggers! We are all awesome.


  1. Congrats and thanks!!

    I love reading these because I discover so many cool, new blogs!

    Keep up the great work! :)

  2. Me too! I probably added 20 or so to my reading list through these.

  3. That is freaking cool! Thank you for the award. I'm putting it in my trophy case, next to... well, I don't have any others, so I'll put it next to the empty soda bottle and the unused ashtray I made in high school sitting in there!

  4. I love your tattoo!

    Thanks for visiting my site :) I'm definitely going to be reading more of this one.

  5. Great site! Thanks for checking mine out as well. Best roller coasters, well that would include a trip to Kings Island in Ohio for a ride on The Beast and Son of The Beast, then hitting Cedar Point in Ohio, followed by going across the country to absolutely every Six Flags Park there is, wouldn't it? ;)
    Awesome tattoo, by the way

  6. Thanks much! Totally loving your site too, keep up the good work!

  7. omg what have I done to deserve this? well, a huge thank you for awarding me. keep up the great work, love your blog!

  8. Hey, awesome stuff. Thank you so much. And many congratulations on your award! Keep up the good work. Blood and guts, James ;o)

  9. Welcome to Horror Blogger Alliance [HBA] I am just stopping by to say hello, "Hello", I am the unofficial "Welcome Wagon"... great things await you here at the club...

    Stop by to my zombie blog, walk around, get infected...

    Jeremy [iZombie]

    ps. great, ink!

  10. Wow, kudos on the Hitchcock tattoo.
    And thank you & yer welcome (at the same time). Love reading your stuff :-))

  11. dedicated a blog entry to you!

  12. Loved your list of fun facts, and your blog list too. I also adore that tattoo.

  13. You're welcome, to everybody! I hope you come back for more. I'm very proud of my Hitch tat, thanks for the love!

  14. Many fond thanks - an award, yay! Loving your reviews & thoughts & stuff (and like those above, the Hitchcock tattoo: damn-hell-cool) Cheers again!

  15. You're welcome!

    Oh, and in case anybody was wondering, Alfred has a noose around his neck because my favorite movie of his is "Rope."

  16. I've been away from the interwebs so I only just saw this but it made me ridiculously happy that you enjoyed my little blog!!! ♥ ♥

    And pretty much like everyone before me has said, the Hitchcock tattoo is friggin' AWESOME