Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Get a Load of This "Twixt"ed Stuff

Just today an interesting new website became live (or possibly alive... mwhaha) that is trying to show some of the most "twixt"ed images on the internet. Why do I keep saying "twixt" instead of "twist" you ask? Because this website www.twixtnightmares.com is supporting the DVD release of Francis Ford Coppola's movie TWIXT. And since I normally don't like doing this random promotional stuff unless it's something I personally support, I had to check out the trailer for this movie. 

Definitely looks interesting, right? I'll probably give it a go. The DVD and Blu-Ray will be released on July 23 and until then you can check out all the cool and creepy things people are posting on the twixtnightmares website!

If you want to contribute your own disturbing image, just hashtag #nightmare from your Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr account to post and be a part of the site. I'd say if you like photography or other art in this genre, this would be a great place to show your stuff or get inspired to make your own. Since I have neither a Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr account, I can't contribute, but I've been to the site a few times today and there is some pretty cool stuff there to look at! You all know I love that kind of creepy shit. Keep 'em coming, people!

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