Monday, July 1, 2013

Movie Review: Night of the Demons 2 (1994)

Because, well, it was the next DVD that Netflix sent me. I tell you, I have no rhyme or reason for the movies I review. So anyway, today's movie is obviously Night of the Demons 2, the direct-to-video sequel to the super awesome movie from 1988 (next Halloween costume, I'm thinking of being Angela, for real). The sequel has a few familiar faces and a few familiar gimmicks and overall I'd say it's a pretty good follow-up flick.

Our story centers around a group of so-called "troubled" teens at a Catholic boarding school. After being banned from the school-sponsored Halloween party, sultry and persuasive Shirley convinces her friends to have a private party at Hull House, where several kids were massacred six years ago. Also attending this year's party is Melissa, nicknamed "Mouse," who also happens to be the previous party-thrower Angela's little sister. Once Angela's spirit is reawakened in Hull House, that's when the fun really starts!

There's no seriousness to be had anywhere in this movie, and goodness me, I love them for that. The beginning gives us a great sneak peek at what kind of movie we're getting into, when two Bible-thumpers visit Hull House to spread the good word  and end up getting sliced and diced by Angela. I sense greatness ahead. There's nothing scary at all about Night of the Demons 2 and it is most obviously a horror-comedy with an emphasis on cool gags.

And some of the gags are pretty great, too. I think it's time to bring back my old "gore highlights" for this one (okay, I think I only did that, like, twice in reviews but whatevs, it could be my new permanent thing).

1) Jaw Rip: Not a full-on Mirrors-type jaw rip but just one that I liked because the effects were good. Angela visits Mouse in a dream and rips the flesh off her jaw with her bare hands. Good blood here.
2) Boob Hands (or Hand Boobs): One of the weirdest, but not totally unexpected, effects is when demon-possessed Shirley's boobs turn into hands and are somehow able to melt the flesh off of Rick's roaming hand. Don't ask me how Boob Hands can do that because I don't care. It was awesome.
3) Severed Head B-Ball: Annoying Kurt was unceremoniously decapitated in an earlier scene, and gets to come back for more fun when he is scene playing basketball with a severed head - his own severed head. Love it.
4) Gooey Demon Bodies: This is mostly for the scene when demon Father Bob and demon Shirley are dispatched of with squirtguns full of holy water. They show their bodies kind of all melted and gooey on the floor with different parts twitching around (reminded me a lot of the original Evil Dead, actually). Melting bodies make me want to vomit.
5) The Angela Snake: Angela says herself that a little holy water isn't going to save the group from her, so I knew that she had to come for one big final fight scene. And she does where she appears as... a giant snake. Okay, sure! It's Night of the Demons - I think you just have to go with whatever they throw at you and not think about it too much.

Quite possibly the best thing to look forward to with Night of the Demons 2 is Sister Gloria. At first she is portrayed as your typical strict nun with a yardstick (there's a funny little scene where she's practicing fencing with it), but then out of nowhere she turns into all kinds of awesome when she finds out that she gets to fight demons. She even has a hilarious "getting ready" montage where she puts on her habit and laces up her shoes. This woman is ready to kick ass for the Lord! And does she ever, with her holy water guns and swinging her crucifix around like a... whatever weapon you swing around your head. Sister Gloria has some great moments in the finale and makes the whole last third of movie all the more enjoyable.

The movie falters a bit when it comes to the plot. At the standard 40-minute mark, the group finally goes to Hull House and again, the standard plot points for any movie like this start to happen. The group splits up, they have sex, they act like the annoying teenagers that they are. And they don't do any partying, which is why I thought they were going to the house in the first place. Anyway. Before anything really good demon-wise happens, everybody gets freaked out and leaves. Wait, what? They're not supposed to leave! Hull House is where it's at, yo! They can't leave! But they do. They make it back to school, but one of them finally gets possessed and kidnaps Mouse and takes her back to Hull House, subsequently leading everyone else back to the house too. It is the most backwards way I've ever seen to get to the same place.

I've only ever seen the original Night of the Demons (and its remake) once before and now seeing the sequel so long after really makes me want to check it out again because I remember absolutely loving it. This sequel is a bit disjointed in the plot department but you won't find yourself caring too much once you get past it, and some of the more annoying characters (Z-Boy... that's all I have to say... fucking Z-Boy). Actually looking forward to Night of the Demons 3 if I can find it somewhere.


  1. Nunca vi! Parece bom.


    The DVD as you asked for. Be warned, this movie was hated by most who watched it. But everyone liked 1 and 2.