Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Read My Book Review on The Zed Word Zombie Blog!

You guys, where have I been? Where am I now? WHO am I??????

Okay, dramatics aside, I always feel bad when I neglect my little blog for over a week. One reason for this is that at the end of last week, I got a kick in the pants from The Zed Word - Zombie Blog, whom I had promised to read a book and write a review for it. So that's what I've been doing.

The review is for Dead of Winter, a cannibalistic bloodbath from new author Brian Moreland.

The novel was actually pretty darn good and a lot of fun to read. It was fast-paced and bloody, which is absolutely perfect for horror fans! So I thank Aaron over at The Zed Word (and Brian Moreland, of course) for letting me do this thing for him, and hopefully I can do a few more reviews in the future.

CLICKEN THE LINK HERE to read my review of Dead of Winter!

As for upcoming movie reviews and whatnot... I have only watched one movie in the past week, and that was prequel to The Thing, which is also called The Thing (does that still bother anybody else?). I've got some thoughts on the movie so it's possible that a review could be coming soon. I'm ready to see some new horror (well, new in the sense that I've never seen it) so I need to get plowing through all my movies on the Netflix. Let's make it happen!

Be well, bloggers!


  1. Terrific review - I like that you pointed out the similarities to Ravenous - as I would have been thinking it as soon as you went into the synopsis. The book sounds pretty interesting and wicked nasty though - so I might just be settling down with it one of these days! Thanks, Michelle!

  2. It's a fast and fun read - I got through the whole thing in two sittings - so I would definitely recommend it. I sorta hated comparing it to Ravenous because I didn't want it to seem like I was saying that he just copied the idea or whatever, but I also couldn't overlook the similarities! Those go away as the story moves on, though, and it becomes something totally different so I think you'd enjoy it.