Saturday, December 3, 2011

I Am An Awesome Guest Poster

I recently read a post on William Malmborg's Blog where he posed a question for a guest post on what people consider the most frightening Stephen King book they've read. My definition of what really "frightens" me was perhaps different than what William had in mind but I believe in my opinion 100% and I hope others either agree or look at the book I have chosen in a different way if they don't agree.

Clicken here to read my guest post, and also take the time to peruse all the other good stuff William has to offer.


  1. The book you discuss in your article is my FAVORITE King book. I once wrote a screenplay based on that book and when I inquired about how to get the rights to it I was told that they were already optioned off to another production company.

  2. I can't decide if that book or Bag of Bones is my favorite. They're neck in neck, really! And yeah, Frank Darabont keeps saying he'll make a movie of it "when he gets around to it."

  3. That was an awesome post and many thanks for linking back to my blog. I'm going to be re-reading the novel soon and have a feeling I will be seeing it in a whole new light.

    PS: Bag of Bones was one of my favorites too. Such an amazing tale.