Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Horror Holidays!

Ah, it's the time for Christmas cheer and everybody being all nice and shit. But what fun is that? Thankfully, for years filmmakers have known how to spread the holiday joy in a way that makes fans giddy with delight. Mainly by making movies so seasonally inappropriate that only true horror fans could love them.

So here are some random screengrabs from some of our favorite horrific holiday flicks!

Do you feel the warm tingling in your heart yet? I sure do. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday (even if you don't do anything, surely you've got time off of work, right?) with lots of joy and fun with family and friends and all that happy crappy stuff. And you know the rules if you happen to get a Mogwai in your stocking.


  1. Some great movies you showcased there. I hope you have a great Holiday! :D

  2. Merry Xmas Michele, have a great holiday!

    Nice screengrabs, watched most of them during the last weeks.

  3. Happy Horror Holidays to you too, Michele. Love the screenshots! I'm no familiar with the second one though. Which movie does that creature come from?

  4. Thanks, guys! Nebs, the second one is the "Gingerdead Man" from the movie of the same name!

  5. Belated Holiday Greetings, mate!
    Love the shots~! Bloody good movies indeed...
    can't say the same about gingerdead man, though...