Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Bag of Bones" Miniseries Starts Tonight!

Mick Garris takes another shot at adapting Stephen King's work with the premiere of the two night event of "Bag of Bones" starting tonight at 8 pm! Bag of Bones is probably my very favorite King novel and I have been awaiting an adaptation pretty much ever since I first read it. The miniseries stars Pierce Brosnan and Melissa George in the lead roles (Brosnan was definitely not who I had in mind for Mike Noonan, but George fits well as Mattie) about a man who retreats to his vacation home after the sudden death of his wife.

Is the miniseries a better form for King's work? Will they stay close to the source material? Will I ever like anything as much as the book? I guess I'll find out tonight (and tomorrow night...)!

Anybody else out there plan on watching this? What are your thoughts on what you've seen so far?


  1. Personally, I'm not feeling optimistic about it. Based on Mick Garris's track record, as well as some of the changes I've read about, I expect it to be watchable, but thoroughly disposable.

    I just finished re-reading the novel last night. I hadn't read it since it came out, so I felt like I needed to refresh my memory before the movie came out. I'd been unhappy about Pierce Brosnan playing Mike beforehand (I'm a fan, but felt he was just wrong for the role), but after reading the novel again, I can see how he might fit the role pretty well. Mike acts on sheer instinct numerous times in the novel, which makes him (in a way) a man of action; it's hard to find actors who are more persuasive playing men of action than actors who have played James Bond!

    On the whole, though, I'm kinda dreading it. Mick Garris has never made a movie that I like, and I just can't imagine that this one -- which was filmed under rushed circumstances -- is going to be the one to break the trend.

  2. I didn't realize this was playing tonight. Kind of glad I decided to visit my parents place today since I don't have a TV at home. I'm not sure how I feel about this project. I loved Bag of Bones, and always dread seeing my favorite novels adapted to the screen. At the same time I'm always interested to see how it will play out (the same thing happens with remakes of my favorite horror movies).

  3. @Bryant: Brosnan just always looked different than the Mike Noonan I had in my head while reading the book - and I've read it several times over the years so my feelings are pretty set in stone! Like you said, I think it is going to be fairly watchable and maybe pretty good if you haven't read the book, but if you have a strong connection to it or King himself, it looks to be one that is somewhat forgettable.

    @William: Pure curiosity is what is making me watch it tonight but there is a minor feeling of dread in me, as well. I want to see what they'll do with it but I don't really have high hopes overall.

  4. I am going to DVR it and watch and hope it's good!