Monday, December 13, 2010

Random List: Actors with Awesome Voices

I was watching an interview with Clive Barker the other day and I couldn't stop thinking about how so hella cool his voice is. So I wasted a few hours and came up with this list of actors with some awesome voices.

Alan Rickman
One of the coolest sounding accents ever.
I love my Severus Snape and Sheriff of Nottingham.

Brad Dourif
I would probably piss my pants if I ever
met Brad in person because I would
only hear Chucky. Yipes!

Demi Moore
That throaty rasp is DEAD SEXY.

Matthew McConaughey
He's the one to call for Southern boy charm.

Fred Gwynne
One of the most distinctive faces and voices in cinema.

Holly Hunter
I can't describe it, but I love it.

Sam Elliot
Oh hell yeah.

 George Clooney
Gravelly and seriously hot voice right here.

 James Earl Jones

 Liam Neeson
I would love to hear him talk to me before he
kicks my ass.

 Jennifer Tilly
Love it or hate it, her voice is mos def
something special!

 Michael Madsen
There's a reason why he does lots of voice work.

 Morgan Freeman
Another DUH.

 Yeardley Smith
She's Lisa Simpson, hello!

Sean Connery
An even bigger DUH.

Kiefer Sutherland
His voice was the best thing about Phonebooth.

Piper Laurie
I LOVE THIS WOMAN. Love, love, love her.


  1. For an old man, Sam Elliot's got it going on. And I could listen to Michael Madsen's voice all day and never get tired of it. If wolves could talk he's what they sound like.

    Also, whoever made Rusty Nail's voice on "Joy Ride" is definitely something to be creeped out by.

  2. Liam Neeson...*drool* This is a great list.

    My favorite voice ever is Carol Kane's, for whatever reason.

  3. @The Mike - I KNOW! I freely admit how attracted I am to her and her voice. It should be illegal to be that sexy.

    @Darko - "If wolves could talk he's what they should like." That's perfect! I love it.

    @Fear Street - Ah, Carol Kane! How could I have forgotten her!

  4. Can't beat Alan Rickman! Jeff Bridge's voice in True Grit isn't too bad either. Has there ever been a voice more gravelly!