Sunday, December 5, 2010

Movie Review: Mirrors 2 (2010)

Short review. Mirrors 2 sucked.

Can I really properly review a film if I was a little distracted the whole time it was on and never actually paid much attention to it? I caught the end. It was just as uninteresting as the rest of the movie. Straight-to-video sequels don't always spell death for the movie, but in this case it does. Although the the kills are much more bloody and graphic than the first film, Mirrors 2 never expands on anything presented in Mirrors. The story is weak, the actors are boring, and the whole thing could have been an episode of Law and Order.

Here's an admission for you: I liked the first Mirrors. That's right, I said it. WHAT?! Actually, I really liked it the first couple of times I saw it, but on subsequent viewings it seems to fall flat. However, I am in love with Keifer Sutherland, as is anybody whose ever like, seen him in anything. He's amazing.

Remember how in Mirrors the evil spirits that lived in the mirrors were from that psycho little girl? Yeah, they totally forgot about that in the sequel. Those evil spirits went after pretty much anybody probably because they just could, but the Mirrors 2 spirit was only one woman taking revenge on the people responsible for her rape and murder and she somehow got into the mirrors. It really makes sense in a totally not at all kind of way.

The only thing I woke up for paid attention to was the kills. The first one is quite queasy. The evil mirror self of this one dude chews on broken glass for about five minutes while he yells all annoyingly. It's more the thought of doing that rather than the execution of it in the film that makes this a very gruesome kill. There's also a good one that starts off with a guy getting both of his ankle tendons sliced - and we all know how willie-inducing that little bit can be. The shower death is pretty bad ass, as well. Girl falls back against a glass shower door, shattering it, crawls around a bit on the broken glass (OW), and then gets her head cleanly sliced off, guillotine style. Spurty blood and all that good stuff.

The other effects are... hm, how to put it nicely... not great. They really blow. It's nothing you haven't seen before in other cheesy ghost movies. I especially like the big "climax" scene where the evil mirror girl pulls her murderer INTO THE MIRROR WITH HER! Mwhahahahahahahaha! Lame. So lame. I got nothing else to say, except to stay away from this movie, unless you need something to help you fall asleep.

And I'm still not a fan of Nick Stahl. Haven't seen him in anything yet that I've liked.


  1. Nick Stahl is good in heavy dramas like In the Bedroom and Bully. I can't believe he was in this anyway...

  2. don't agree with you on Part 1 - totally agree with you on Part 2.

    btw: did you notice that they kinda re-used the 'Stir Of Echoes' plot for Part 2?

  3. agree avoid like the plauge. Great review