Saturday, December 18, 2010

Does absence really make the heart grow fonder?

Oi, TheGirl is one busy little beaver. Work and Christmas stuff, not counting my newfound obsession with "24," which I have been watching constantly for the past few days (and am actually watching right now). Seriously, why didn't I watch this show before? It fucking owns. Anyway. Don't miss me too much. I've still got like 70 movies in my queue (GAH!) so I'll have plenty of material for future posts. I know you're all (all 2 of you) holding your breath and quivering with anticipation, just try not to lose any sleep over it. :)

Now, back to "24."


  1. I haven't visited the blog in while *extreme shame* but now I'm catching up on everything I've missed so I've got something to tide me over until you're back ;P

    Also, 70 movies?! My entire DVD collection doesn't consist of 70 movies. Which is sad. Anyway, happy holidays!!! Looking forward to future reviews.

  2. fortunately I'm blessed with the patience of a saint :)

    Enjoy your 24 marathon!