Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Short and Sweet: "The Darker Matter" (2015)

So this was an interesting video challenge from Vimeo where entrants had just one weekend to create a fake trailer for a web series that doesn't exist. Filmmakers Jon Kobryn and Davron Mananov won the challenge with "The Darker Matter," a trailer about charlatan ghost hunters who keep faking hauntings to keep their viewership up  - but is it all really fake? Dun dun DUN! This is a great short and, really, a great idea for an actual web series. The actors are likable enough to be real hosts and the production value is excellent! What do you guys think? Should "The Darker Matter" be a real web series and would you horror fiends watch it? Tell me in the comments!

The Darker Matter | Series Trailer from Jon Kobryn on Vimeo.


  1. I'd probably give it at least an episode or two to prove itself.

  2. If you like this, you might be interested to look into 'Bloody Cuts' and their other project 'Outer Darkness'.