Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Experience at TEXAS FRIGHTMARE WEEKEND 2013: Day Two

Back on Saturday for the biggest, most crowded day of the event! I still had one big meet and greet to do today because the guy wasn't there Friday night, but mostly it was a day of panels, a movie, looking at awesome artwork at the vendor tables, and taking more sneaky pictures of celebs.

I knew that the line for Jon Bernthal (Shane on "The Walking Dead") was going to be huge pretty much all day and there was so much more I wanted to do, so I had to brave the line right at the beginning of the day. They started lining us up and moving us around a little before 11:00 (when they opened for general admission). So we're waiting there... 11:00 rolls around, then 11:15, 11:30, 11:45 and the line hadn't even MOVED. What's going on? It was around the 11:45 mark that I look up toward the front of the line and Jon walks into the room! He wasn't even there the whole time we were waiting! Thank goodness, now the line can get moving.

Almost there!

Getting closer...
... and closer...

Finally it was my turn and I was surprised that I wasn't nervous at all, even though I flubbed my words a little bit when I was introducing myself. While he was signing my picture, I was finally able to say "I miss Shane so much!", told Jon what a fantastic job he did with the role, and wished him luck with his new show. Jon was such a nice dude (and yes, he looked damn good, too), especially when he stood up to take a picture with me. I had to ask for a hug - Jon just said "Come here, girl" and embraced me with his sexiness. Bliss! So freaking stoked that he was there and that I had such a great meeting with him. We need to do this again sometime, Jon.

Turns out that I got my meeting with Bernthal just in time to catch the "Full Moon Rising" werewolf-themed panel with David Naughton. Dee Wallace was also supposed to be there to represent The Howling, but she opted out of doing it for some reason. I had a prime seat for this panel, and I loved hearing David talk all about his experience making An American Werewolf in London.

Naughton had great stories about working with Rick Baker and getting the prosthetics made; being around real wolves for the scene at the zoo; and shooting in Piccadilly Circus. I had a question I was itching to ask and finally went for it and raised my hand. I said that this movie had the best transformation scene of any werewolf movie (which got a smile and nod from the moderator) and asked David to talk about what it was like filming that particular scene. Can you believe it took six days to shoot it? Great panel!

Once the fun with David was over, I only had an hour until the next panel I wanted to go to, but I was able to fill that time quite nicely, as subsequent pictures will show.

I took a sneaky picture of Nick Gomez (Tomas from "The Walking Dead").

 I saw some killer artwork.

I also saw many a mutilated Barbie doll, like these...

... and these...

 ... and these.

If I hadn't been wondering how I would get it home safely,
I would have totally snagged this amazing poster for The Thing.

 Jason, Freddy, and Leatherface were all kind enough to 
take a picture with me (great costumes, guys!).

 Wish I could've talked to the artists in this corner (if they were
there) because this shit was fracking COOL.

Oh man, I love that Misery one. 

 Norman continued to haunt me.

 Leave the Barbies alone, people! This is just wrong!
But also totally funny.

 Goshdarnit, Norman, why do continue to break my heart?!
(He also tweeted a picture of this doll, so I was all "Holla!
I totally have a picture of that doll, too!")

 I didn't have time to get into Danny Trejo's ever-growing line,
so I settled for a few sneaky shots.

 Until he noticed me one time and flashed the peace sign at me.
Fuck yeah!

 Dude in a killer Umbrella Corp costume.

Now it was time for one of the most anticipated panels, the Alien reunion with Tom Skerritt (Captain Dallas in Dallas!) and Veronica Cartwright. Tom was a little hard to hear most of the time even though I was pretty close, but Veronica was so animated and funny. Again, lots of great stories from the set of this iconic movie. Tom didn't say as much, but when he did talk he had some really profound and interesting things to say. Veronica also talked about her experience working with Alfred Hitchcock on The Birds as a child. I told myself that I was going to try to make it to at least one panel and one movie while at TFW, and I ended up going to one movie and FIVE panels. This was only number two - three more amazing panels to go!

Tom and Veronica, for your viewing pleasure!

This is when they were signing this little plastic facehugger
that the moderator brought out.

And here I think I got the best picture ever!

The day was still not over! Not as much time for lollygagging now as Danny Trejo's panel (which was officially called "Danny Trejo is Loco") was next, and from the people waiting outside the door for almost an hour, I could tell this panel was going to be packed. Still, I did yet more wandering to get some more sneaky shots of celebs that I didn't personally meet. Celebs like...

 Gary Busey (which is as close to him as I wanted to get)...

 Tom Skerritt again (cute picture!)...

 Lou David...

 Nick Castle...

 ... and Ted White.

Time for Machete! It was indeed a packed house for Danny Trejo's panel, but it sure was a riot! Danny just talked about his life, his time in prison and how he got into movies. He promises that Machete Kills, the sequel, will be ten times more awesome than the first movie. Yes! Danny is in real life exactly how I expected him to be - easy going, funny, and just a guy out to have a good time. He made the audience laugh a lot ("Machete don't text!") and it was a joy just to sit there and listen to him. Love you, Danny!

Whew, what a day. After finally getting some food in me and relaxing for a bit, the day was winding down. I had to debate with myself for a long time whether or not I wanted to hang around until 8:00 to catch the screening of Maniac because I was so wiped out. I finally just said Eff it, and headed into the room, where the movie had already started (just a minute or two though). Packed house, no seats. So I and several other people just popped a squat on the floor along the wall, and they actually turned out to be pretty good seats. I gotta say that I dug the movie a lot (still haven't seen the original, though - doh!), but mostly I enjoyed finally watching a horror movie with real horror fans. Everybody laughed at the same places I laughed, and clapped and cheered every time there was a kill or a cool effect. Fun time, indeed!

More cool stories from DAY THREE coming soon, with more from Dee Wallace, Tom Savini, and me finally meeting Mary Lambert!

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  1. Think I may have been sitting next to you in the Maniac screening, I'd gotten a couple of chairs and set them in the back before the movie started.

    1. I was on the floor near the front on the left side. There was a head on the bottom of the screen the whole time, but I didn't care! What did you think of the movie?

    2. I loved it! I was really impressed with the movie. Didn't think I'd like it as much as I did.

  2. Loving all this! And wild coincidence - I JUST posted a celebrity endorsement over at my blog - and the guest is someone you featured in this post! How's that for synergy?

  3. I love that you didn't want to get too close to Gary Busey :D Who would, though?!?

    1. For good reason, he was pretty rude and inapproriate to a lot of people getting his auto and photos.

    2. I was afraid he was going to yell at me just for taking of pictures of him near his table! I got my pictures (just to prove that I saw him) and pretty much literally ran away!

  4. Ha, I've also seen the new Maniac together with a horror-crowd. So awesome when the audience suddenly applauds because of an extremely gruesome kill :-)

    My goodness, sooo many awesome stars: Trejo, Busey, Skerritt, Cartwright... How many photos did you made during the days? Hundreds? Thousands? ;-) If I woud go there, I'd take many, many memory cards with me :D

    1. Seeing the movie with a good audience definitely made Maniac a lot more fun to watch than if I was on my own. I could finally clap and cheer like I always want to do in movie theaters!

      I only took a little over 200 pictures during the weekend. That's.... average, right? :) Probably would have taken a lot more with me in them if I had someone with me to be my photographer!

      Another cool story I forgot to mention was that I saw Veronica Cartwright AGAIN at the airport when I was catching my plane home. She was walking to Starbucks :).