Saturday, November 10, 2012


I guess if I wanted to keep up my marathon, it would've helped to update my dang DVD queue. Hence the Argh. So I'm gonna be a little behind on getting Freaks and The Fly done. Meantime, I've gotten onto one of my little TV show-watching kicks. This time it's...

... which means that I am now hopelessly obsessed with Vincent D'Onofrio. My gosh, is he awesome on that show. Per this obsession, I also had to pick up the new Jennifer Lynch movie with him in it.

Watching it right now, actually. Not sure if I'll do a review yet, but D'Onofrio is still kicking ass as always. He's doing something weird with his speech, though, and I don't get it. I might listen to the commentary on this one from D'Onofrio and Lynch before I send it back. 

Random update. See you all later!


  1. Vncent's character is very disturbing in "Chained". Be sure to check out "Fire with Fire" also. He again plays a bad guy but nails it. Probably the best played role in the movie.

  2. IMO Chained is this year's most impressive horror movie, and D'Onofrio delivers the most disturbing, most fascinating character in his entire character.

  3. I love Vincent D'Onofrio! Law and Order generally is annoying... even with the tv on in the background it is like listening to your neighbor's cat in heat -- it just evokes a "I've had it!! Turning the fucking channel now!!"

    Except for L&) Criminal Intent....Det. Goren is an amazing character, and D'Onofrio plays him to a T... and can be one of the creepiest actors when he wants to be... (see ) and, oh yeah... remember
    The Cell" ? It was a big budget serial killer movie with J. Lo from 1998. But the killer was D'Onofrio and J. Lo gets to go into his mind and, well.... see it if you haven't already.

    Finally... I loved Chained"! ... D'Onofrio was in top form... it was chilling and a great character portrayal... both D'Onofrio and the kid.

    Anyway... love reading your old reviews... take care!