Monday, August 29, 2011

Fun At The Hollywood Wax Museum

TheGirl has been on a much-needed little mini-vacation these past few days to the heart of the Ozarks... also known as Branson, Missouri. No, I didn't go to any of the stupid shows that Branson is most known for (we stayed far away from the Dixie Stampede, thank you very much, Dolly Parton can suck it) but we did enjoy a day at Silver Dollar City. I rode some awesome roller coasters and drank my weight in multi-flavored Icees.

Branson also boasts lots of fun little tourist trap museums. This includes the Hollywood Wax Museum (pictured above), for which I was super excited. Here are some horror- and nonhorror-related highlights from that trip. Let's get our wax on.

So normally at these wax museums they make the display to where you can get in there with the wax dudes or dudettes and take a picture. But where were three of the biggest icons of horror located? Yup - Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and Jason Voorhees were all up high in a balcony somewhere where I couldn't get near them. Bastards. I was, however, close enough to notice that the Michael Myers wax statue was an absolutely horrible likeness.

See? Even with the mask on, I can tell that this looks like shit.

Other horror people I couldn't get close enough to also include...
Linda Blair all tied up and possessed from The Exorcist...

The Lon Chaney Phantom of the Opera...

... and Elvira and Hellboy. 

Oh well. I still got some nice shots with...
Frankenstein's monster...


Hannibal the Cannibal Lecter...

... and everybody's favorite misunderstood murderer, Leatherface.

Oh yeah, the Cryptkeeper was there, too. Isn't he cute?

And because any self-respecting horror fan hates all things Twilight...
... here's me strangling Bella Swan.


Loving on Matthew McConaughey.

Hanging with The Godfather himself.

Sailing with Jack on the Titanic (I really couldn't resist).

Chilling with the guys from Terminator 2.

Kicking butt with Charlie's Angels.

Getting frisky with Hugh Hefner.

Smooching on David Hasselhoff.

Getting Gone with the Wind with Scarlett and Rhett. 
Rhett is also shitty looking... Seriously, does that look like Clark Gable to anyone?

Trying (and failing) to be as cool as Sam Jackson.

And being cute with Marilyn and Bogie.

All in all, a pretty fun time. Who knew you could meet so many celebrities in one day? Even the dead ones? Wax makes everything cool.


  1. hey, lovely pictures. Looks like you had a blast there!

  2. That's awesome, I've always wanted to go to a wax museum. Too bad the wax statues look like shit. :/

  3. That Clark Gable looks like a mentally disabled guy I used to know. Like, a LOT like him. Weird.

    I'd still definitely go to that place, though.

  4. Michele, somehow those glasses make you look even more sexy ! ! !.

  5. Looks fun! I should remember this place if I go working abroad! So sad about the trio though, would had thumbs up with ole Jason...

  6. I just came across your blog as I, myself, am in Branson for vacation and went to the Hollywood Wax Museum, ad well =) I was searching around for horror themed figures to see what else others had to offer.... I am SO so disappointed that Freddy and Reagan were not present when I went through =(