Monday, August 15, 2011

An Award? For Me? Why, Thank You!

It's been a while since any awards have made the rounds here, and random though they might be, they're still fun to give and to receive! My fellow horror sister Jenny Krueger (her blog is Memoirs of a Scream Queen...) recently thought I deserved the Liebster Blog award.

I have no idea what that is or what it means but it must be cool, so thank you Jenny! Love you too. And now I have to follow the rules and re-gift the award to 5 other deserving blogs with less than 200 followers so's they can get some dang traffic! My picks are:

My blog buddy Maynard at Maynard Morrissey's HORROR MOVIE DIARY

Nicki at Hey! Look Behind You!

Fred [the Wolf] at Full Moon Reviews (come on, y'all, follow this guy! He's great!)

My new Project Terrible friend at MONDO BIZARRO

Andrew at Who Wants Taters???, who writes some of the funniest shit I've read online!

It was so hard to pick just five because there are tons of blogs that I read that certainly deserve a lot more traffic and followers! Please don't feel left out!


  1. Michele, congrats on the award. You certainly deserve it. Liebster means something between beloved, favorite and dearest.

    I feel a bit left out, but I'll get over it somehow. :P

    Just mentioned you on my blog, as I celebrated my blog's birthday yesterday.

    Maynard Fred, Andrew and Mondo are all amazing!

  2. Thank you, Michele! Very much appreciated! :)

  3. Sorry, Nebs! But you see, you've reached 200 followers now and I'm supposed to give the award to blogs with less than 200 - you were right on the cusp! Still love you.

    You're welcome, Fred! It is much deserved!

  4. Michele, I was joking. Don;t worry about it ;)

  5. Thank you!!!!!

    Hmm now I have to think of 5....

  6. I have to say it again:
    HUUUUUUUGE THANKS, Dudette. You really made my day with this award!
    Keep up the great work and stay as you are, love ya!

  7. Anytime, Dude! You keep up the great work, too, and enjoy that Project Terrible movie! I however, will be loathing mine :).

  8. Hey, THANKS, Michele!
    I know I've been AWOL for all of August.

    I should be back in action this week.

    You rule!!!