Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Horror Movie Memorabilia (And Excuses For Not Blogging)

TheGirl has been slacking a lot on the review writing. This is for a few reasons, perhaps. One, I haven't actually been watching many movies lately (ever since I discovered "Hoarders" was on Netflix - love that show) and the ones I have seen have not been that worthy of a review. Except The Brood. Still working on that. Two, I'm on the book tour for Shock Value by Jason Zinoman and I've had to read that and write a deserving review, which I am also still working on (will be posted on July 18!). In fact, I may even read it again in order to have a more informed opinion. Whew.

So I'm trying to be more creative with the blogging thing and doing more than just reviews. Today, as I'm sitting in my room, it hit me!

Some of my most prized possessions include my little array of horror movie memorabilia. I would like to share with you some of these things I've collected - with pictures, of course - and I want to hear from you about anything horror-related that YOU have! I don't know if any of this stuff is true "memorabilia," like, if they're worth anything or whatever, but I love them and I want to acquire more!

The most obvious thing to collect for any movie lover are posters. I've collected a lot of non-horror posters (used to work in the video section of my grocery store) and the horror ones I do have I love, but there are certain ones that I still need to get. LIKE POLTERGEIST. It's my favorite horror movie. Why don't I have a poster of it yet??? Anyway, here are the ones I do have.

The Evil Dead! It used to have a primo spot on my wall, right above my bed, but got moved recently.

Love Saw, of course, but more so, I love this image from the film so I had to get the poster.

As they appear on my walls. Two eras of filmmaking converge!

Gosh darn, I loves me some Resident Evil. And this poster was free, too!

Some of these I picked up pretty cheap on eBay, some I found at my video store. They're all great.

This is the "Splitting Ash and Deadite" doll collection from Army of Darkness. Terrible likeness, but still kinda neat, I think.

Also a terrible likeness, this is supposed to be Darla from the "Welcome to the Hellmouth" episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She's got some cute accessories.

This is Jessica Biel's character Erin from the TCM remake (a little bit better likeness!). I like the movie but not sure why I bought this. I guess because I liked that she's got a big slab of meat with her.

Here's the best one! The original Movie Maniacs doll of Leatherface from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre! He's got a background with the movie poster, a bloody bucket, a severed head, a meat hook... everything Leatherface needs!

Calm down, Jenny, he's not real - I have to tell myself that several times a day, too. This little plush Chucky doll is supposedly from Child's Play 2 (as the tag says) but this could be from the first film as well, I guess. So far, he hasn't shown signs of coming to life, but who knows? He could be getting up in the middle of the night and wandering around my house for all I know.

T-shirts, knickknacks, and signs - oh my! Here's some more random stuff that I have!

The first of a few Psycho related stuff. I found this on (FANTASTIC site) and just had to have it. It's just a cool tin sign.

More Psycho stuff. I got these goodies from Dollar Bin Horror and I L-O-V-E love them! My Bates Motel t-shirt already got a little color stain from the washing machine (GRRRR), but, my Bates Motel keychain is still rockin' its awesomeness on my keyring.

Brought back to life from a previous post, here's my autographed photo of Joe Bob Briggs!

And just for fun, here is my little bookshelf that holds nothing but Stephen King paperback and hardcover books. And I still don't have them all. I picked up a few first editions (at least I hope they are) of Pet Sematary and Misery recently so that's awesome!

I also have one of those Ghostface Scream masks, but that's not as cool because they sell that every year at Halloween stores now. 

So now my horror movie nerdines is out in the open for all to see. And I'm dang proud of it! What about my amazing fellow bloggers and readers? Got any cool horror movie stuff you have that you'd like to share?


  1. Ha, I have that Evil Dead poster in that exact same frame right next to my computer desk! Very cool!

  2. Some nice stuff there. Jealous of the still packaged figures :)

  3. Damn, a very nice collection! Especially love the "Evil Dead" things. Seeing as you are a horror fan AND have a full bookshelf of... well, horror books, I'll give you a literary recommendation.

    My favorite author: Robert E. Howard. You may have heard of him as the author of Conan (which, by the way, has almost nothing to do with the films), but the truth is he also wrote excellent horror short stories.

    I recommend them all, but especially the following:

    - for this one Stephen King said it is "one of the finest horror stories of our century".

    - an excellent exercise in Lovecraftian horror.

    Both are in public domain. Hope you'll give them a go.

  4. Oooooh, I want that Psycho stuff!!!

  5. Have you ever checked out ? Lots of cool geeky film-related T-shirts. I particularly like my "Nostromo" T-shirt from Alien.

  6. @Matt - Love my Evil Dead poster! It got kind of ruined when I moved (twice) and because I don't have a plastic cover over it. Dummy!

    @Slowdeath - It was hard not to open the figures and play with them :).

    @Ventilation - Cool, thanks for the recommendations. Always looking to check out new stuff.

    @Stevee - Don't they rule?! Check that site... the tin sign was only like 12 bucks or something.

    @russ - I love the shirts on that site! Thanks for the tip. Of course I want the Cuesta Verde Poltergeist one!

  7. ok, this is really impressive! Love all the Bates Motel stuff!

    Also great: the cool RE poster. I myself have a RE:Afterlife hanging over my bed. Oh Milla... :)

  8. Very nice! I live in a very very small apartment, and I can't display much of my stuff. I'm moving in the fall, hopefully to a two bedroom, and I hope to put more of the stuff up. I have a great autographed Devil's Rejects poster and an autographed F13 Pt. 8 still. And some pictures with horror actors I would like to display.

  9. Autographed Devil's Rejects poster? Autographed by who????

  10. @TheGirlWhoLovesHorror: Bill Moseley! I'm hoping to get more in the future :) There's plenty of room on the poster!

  11. Nice feature. Might have to do something like this myself. A have a lot of posters: a Chainsaw Massacre, The Thing, Death Proof (don't hold it against me - i liked it), Shaun of the Dead, Terminator and two Dark Knight posters. I have a lot of wallspace ;)

    Also - this is the scary thing - a 6ft cardboard cutout of Stallone in Judge Dredd. I hide that one.

  12. Also, the Stephen King bookshelf is awesome. I'm building a small Jack Ketchum one myself.

  13. Some sweet memorabilia you have there, i love the chucky doll and movie maniacs leatherface.

    Horror Movie Memorabilia