Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let's all learn our ABCs!

Okay, I'm passing around the meme that I saw on The Horror Digest and From Midnight, With Love. It looked like fun, and I'm bored. Name whatever movie you want for each letter of the alphabet. My precisely alphabetized movie collection on my bookcase will no doubt come in handy here. I'm throwing in a lot of non-horror here because there are so many other movies that I love.

A is for The Abyss.
Mmmm. Love you, Abyss, love you to death!

Maybe it's the sexy-ass jazz and blues music, but this movie is seriously hot.

C is for Casino.
I can watch this a million times in a row. 

America's answer to Shaun of the Dead. It's not as great, but it's still pretty great.

Underrated gem. 

F is for Free Willy.
SHUT UP! This movie rules and you know it.

G is for Gossip. 
Such a fantastic little indie film that almost no one has heard about. See it now!

Ah, such beautiful childhood memories here.

My favorite of all the Masters of Horror episodes.

J is for Jawbreaker.
A teen film like no other, and yet way better than all the others. My friends and I used to walk the "Jawbreaker Line" in the hallways at school.

K is for Kill Bill.
Needs no explanation.

L is for Labyrinth.
Mm, David Bowie's package. And Jennifer Connelly will forever be known as "the girl from Labyrinth," I don't care what other shit she's done.

M is for The Mist.
One of the best King adaptations.

N is for Needful Things.
Not the best King adaptation, but it was the first book of his that I ever read.

O is for The Omen.
Couldn't help it. I so love this movie.

P is for I want to say Poltergeist but instead I'll say 
Otherwise known as Leon, this Luc Besson film with Natalie Portman and Jean Reno is phenomenal. PHE-nomenal.

Q is for Quarantine.
Yeah, it's all I got.

R is for Rope.
Favorite Hitchcock film and helped inspire my tattoo.

Oh, I am such a girl when I watch this movie. I laugh, I cry, I have heartfelt feelings. Great movie.

T is for Tremors.
What else???

U is for Unfaithful.
I'd so fuck Diane Lane in a stairwell, too. Just give me the chance.

V is for V for Vendetta.
Yes! It rules. It. Just. Rules.

Awesome classic. You must see.

X is for X-Men.
We all love superheroes.

Mel Brooks deliciousness. Everybody loves this movie.

Z is for Zombieland.
I liked this so much more than I thought I would.


  1. Totally love the choice of Incident On and Off a Mountain Road. Flat out adore that thing.

    And Diane Lane....yeah.

  2. Great list! Solid agreement on a good deal of these, and super kudos for The Professional!

  3. Nice meme and awesome list! I don't think I'll be able to finish this. I can't think of that many movies, I'm too scattered brain lol.

  4. Lots of great stuff here. Agree totally about "Casino"; like it's twin brother "Goodfellas" it really holds up to one viewing after another (and the list of movies a watch more than once or twice is fairly small). I've never heard of "Gosspip"; may have to hunt that one down.

  5. @The Mike - Incident is so ridiculously good, glad you love it too!

    @Caffeinated - When I was younger, I just thought that The Professional was a fun action movie, but seeing it as an adult, I see now how beautiful shot and everything it is. Great, great movie.

    @Jenny - It was actually the easiest meme... just whatever your fave movies are, horror or otherwise.

    @Bleaux - I totally love GoodFellas too, of course (probably the best Mafia movie), but I've always had a big thing for Casino. I've seen it too many times to count! Gossip is just a really fun kind-of drama, kind of mystery thing. Very interesting movie.