Monday, April 2, 2012

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

I loves me some Resident Evil. I hadn't gotten a new video game in a while so I snatched up Operation Raccoon City on release day a few weeks ago. I'm still not that far into the game but I probably like it a lot more than most other people who have reviewed it.

I agree about the crappy AI of my teammates during the campaign mode, for one thing. During some of the bigger battles where I need a little bit of help or other people to distract the enemies a bit, they often do stupid stuff and the next thing I know they're all dead and I'm all alone. Then I have to run around and revive them all, risking myself in the process. Pfft. Annoying. It's especially becoming a pain in the ass in the current fight I'm having trouble with, where I'm stuck in a smallish area with not only zombies, but also Spec Ops boys and about six or seven Hunters, which are a bitch to kill. Seriously, this part is pissing me off.

Another problem is the significantly diminished inventory. I can only carry one first aid spray and only one antiviral spray?? That's total bullshit. I have room for about eight grenades but not at least one more first aid spray which is, like, super important in some parts of the game? Given, there are usually some conveniently placed green herbs in most of the battle areas but I'd really like to be able to stockpile them like you could in RE 4 and 5. It just makes me feel safer. You can also only carry one weapon in addition to the standard issue pistol, but again, there is usually plenty of ammo laying around and I haven't had a problem with running out that much.

Still, I kinda like the game. It's good for a gamer like me who came late into the game and never got a chance to play any of the original Resident Evils. Plus, since I'm quite picky about the games I play, I don't purchase a lot of them, so I like this one because it's something new and different for me. I love being in Raccoon City, where all this Resident Evil awesomeness started, and now I'm at a part where some familiar faces are coming back into the mix. It's cool to finally get the whole backstory of this zombie mess. Oh, speaking of zombies, it's also cool to fight just regular zombies for once. With RE 4 and 5 we got the Las Plagas parasites and they're cool and all, but it never felt like true Resident Evil enemies.

Anyway, that's my take on the game thus far. I'm still really pissed off at this part I'm stuck at, but I'm sure I'll get through it eventually. If anyone's playing online and wants to help me out, that'd be grrrrrreat.

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  1. Awesome! I need to get me a new video game. I miss killing Zombies for 6 straight hours.