Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Horror Short Review: The Code (2011)

I don't know why I don't watch more shorts, considering the fact that my attention span is somewhat short itself. I keep getting emails with links to them and often forget about them (I heartily apologize to anybody to has sent me stuff and not gotten a response from me... I'm a bad person... or just lazy). So I finally decided to  watch one of them. Yay for me!

In "The Code," a young couple is enjoying an evening date in the park when they are suddenly set upon by a group of zombies... then a masked killer with a weed-eater... then a vampire... then Bigfoot. Seems there has been some confusion among the various monsters about whose night it is to kill people.

If you've got about six minutes to spare, then you should give "The Code" a look. For a short, it was quite funny and entertaining with some great actors playing the head zombie ("Shaun" haha) and the vampire. All the talk about how they had switched nights for the killings and the Google Calendar stuff is hilarious. The makeup and effects are pretty good, although there really isn't anything that involved going on. I only wish Vanna Helsing would have put a little more "oomph" into her killing scenes! She looked a little sleepy and unenthusiastic. Anyway, jump on over to the link below on funnyordie.com and watch "The Code"!

Watch it now! I mean it! Clicken here.

"The Code" was made for the Splatterfest Festival in Houston, Texas. It won all these awards, so you know it's gotta be good:
Best Film
Best Director
Best Screenplay
Best Editing
Best Kill
Best Splatter
Best Special Effects
Audience Favorite Film
Audience Favorite Story
Audience Favorite Kill
Audience Favorite Makeup


  1. The Code is absolutely hilarious! I LOLd at 'Vanna Helsing', the bigfoot/gorilla-monster and all the witty Google Calendar stuff :)
    Great write-up, Michele!