Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Michele will be MIA...

...for the next week or so while she goes on a much needed little vacation to the fabulous NEW YORK CITY! Woot woot! It may take me a while to get back in the blog of swinging things (or something like that) but I will return. Doesn't mean I'll have anything interesting to say when I return or anything, but whatever.

And Blog Buddy Maynard, I apologize but I did not get to watch my Project Terrible movie from you yet! But it's the first thing on my agenda when I get back, in case you think I forgot about you.

Be well, bloggers!


  1. Enjoy NYC, Michele. This California kid made his first visit last spring and it was awesome. We followed our oldest as he and his high school wind ensemble traveled there in order to play Carnegie Hall.
    See you when you get back.


  2. Lucky! I hope you have a great time. You will be missed while you're gone. :)

  3. Live it up girl, it's not everyday this happens~! XD

  4. Have a great time! Loads of movie locations in NY, loads of pictures to take.

  5. "The Girl Who Loves Horror, Part VIII: Michele Takes Manhattan"...

  6. Enjoy NYC, it's the greatest place everrr!

  7. no problem, apology accepted :)
    have fun and enjoy your trip!

    btw do you send picture postcards from your holiday? I sooo would love to have one from NY...