Monday, March 14, 2011

Where Are All The Ghosts?

I love ghosts. I've said it a couple hundred times here before, but just so you really get the message: I LOVE GHOST MOVIES. The supernatural and the possibility that weird ghost-y things could happen to me - if I moved into a house built on a cemetery or something - truly scare me more in a film than other types of horror.

The rub is that I haven't seen a good ghost movie in a loooong time. In fact, I don't know that really all that many ghost movies have come out in recent years. I could look it up but what I'm gunning for in the genre is the good old-fashioned ghosts of yore. The stuff that really freaks me out - things moving on their own or other such unnatural occurrences, a la Poltergeist. Although usually pretty formulaic, ghost movies or haunted house/hotel/hospital/whatever movies are my absolute favorite and I need more of them - NOW.

The last good supernatural film I saw was probably The Orphanage, but even that was more dramatic than ghosty, even though it had a couple of good creepy moments. Have I missed the boat on other apparitions to grace the screen? I'm liking the bloody and violent and fun movies that have been coming out recently, don't get me wrong. Lately though I've been jonesing for a nice creep-fest with things from beyond. So get moving, filmmakers! I'll be on that shit like white on rice.


  1. I highly recommend:




  2. The first ones that come to mind are Paranormal Activity and its sequel, though I haven't seen them.

  3. I recommend 1980's The Changeling above all other ghost movies except Poltergeist. Other retro ghost movies: The Entity, The Evil, The Shining (which I'm sure you've seen already, if not, stop whatever you're doing and watch it right now) and Nomads. More recently the best ones have been Spanish, like The Devil's Backbone and The Others.

  4. These are all great, guys, but the point I was going for was that I want to see a NEW ghost movie come out soon. All these other ones are old news by now so it'd be great if somebody could bring something new to the genre soon.