Monday, September 6, 2010

Prepare to be Jealous...

If you were watching TNT on Saturday nights from the mid to late 90s, you were watching one of the greatest movie/variety shows to have ever aired: MonsterVision with Joe Bob Briggs. I wasn't as into horror films back then as I am now, but MonsterVision was hella fun because of its host and the sometimes obscure movies they would show - not always horror but usually highly entertaining.

So during the show's run, I went to the TNT website to see where I might be able to send Joe Bob some of that mail he read on the show. When I emailed him, get this: he emailed back. Like, a couple of times. I kept asking him stupid questions about what it was like to get yelled at by Robert DeNiro in Casino and mentioning something about his bit part in Face/Off. He was cool about answering my emails and appreciative of the compliments I gave about his knowledge of the movies they would play on MonsterVision.

I honestly can't remember if I asked for it or not, but I got something in the mail one day with the TNT logo on the return address. It was this (pay no attention to the weirdo behind the picture):

That's Joe Bob! He sent me an autographed photo, saying "To Michele [that's me], sweetest gal in Missouri. Joe Bob." Seriously, how cool is that? And he actually spelled my name right, too. Some members of my family still can't get that pesky one "L" thing right. I thought the picture had gotten lost in a recent move, but I found it a few days ago and wanted to share it with you guys.

You're jealous, right? Well, if I weren't me, I'd be jealous.


  1. You know, I never got to watch the movies they showed on MonsterVision when I was younger, but my father would always tune in for Joe Bob's introductions. As much as I pleaded with him to actually sit through the feature, he very rarely relented. And he was the undisputed king of the remote control.


  2. Well, I spent Saturday nights from the mid to late 90s watching Blind Date (hosted by Cilla and Our Graham) with my mum before going out to the pub... but am still quite, quite jealous of your autograph!

  3. Wicked awesome! Joe Bob is truly the best.

  4. Indeed I AM jealous! And here I was, all thinkin' I was cool simply since Joe Bob (or somebody who works for his site) once responded to an email I sent 'im.

  5. That's pretty righteous. I am a huge fan of JBB since I was like 8, starting with his Drive-in show, Monstervision, his DVD stuff, and of course, all of his writing. He also hosted a series of VHS tapes called "the sleaziest movies in the history of the world", and I have seen some of those (although I don't think there were that many). Rockin'.